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As the first specialist producer of sports teaching and coaching multimedia in the UK, Tacklesport (Consultancy) Ltd has consistently sought to be innovative whilst at the same time developing resources which are informative, relevant and user friendly. In developing Learning through Games- Football, care has been taken to ensure these qualities have been maintained. In addition an emphasis has been placed on a 'fun' and enjoyment' approach to learning. Developed with educational consultants and produced with the help of a local primary school, it is hoped that the content of the resource will assist in the development of football at key stages 1 & 2.

Andrew Cushing
Managing Director, Tacklesport (Consultancy) Ltd

Learning through Games is an approach to teaching that uses games as the learning tool. It aims to provide enjoyment, increase motivation and develop tactical and strategic thinking - as well as the development of technique and the acquisition of skill.

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Often one of the first questions asked at the start of a games lesson is “When are we going to play a game??Children have a natural inclination for ‘play? too often in the past they have been subjected to a ‘practice first ?play later?diet of skills based learning.

While the time invested in ‘skill/drill?based learning may pay-off when games are eventually played, there has often been one key element missing from the skills, drills, game cycle - fun!

Learning Through Games - Football uses practices that progressively challenge and motivate pupils to develop an understanding and awareness of the skills, tactics, strategies, and rules required to succeed in games. In essence, it makes the game the focus of the lesson rather than the technique, and challenges pupils to think about what they are doing and why.

The Materials

The material in Learning through Games ?Football has been designed to support teachers in primary schools. To this end Tacklesport has sought to make the content as relevant and realistic as possible.

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It is hoped that by building the resource in this way, teachers will identify with the content and needs of their own pupils. Although principally for teachers, it is hoped that the resource will also be of benefit to coaches, providing a reference to support planning and player development.

Supporting Comments:

John Matthews - Chief Executive Physical Education Association of the United Kingdom (PEA UK):

"Unlike so many other computer based resources LTG Football does not merely provide a series of lesson plans, rather it features a series of practices and skills which teachers can engage with in order to produce lessons plan suitable for the ability and experience of their own class.

The animations sections help to simply and clearly outline how the practices should be set up and the linked video clips offer the teacher an opportunity to see how it should look for real.

The new make a difference section offer small, well placed ideas on how to lead pupils to improve their performance.

LTG Football is a well thought out, easy to use resource which will greatly assist teachers to deliver more effectively and enhance the learning of pupils."

Association of Children's Hospices

The Association of Children's Hospices (ACH) is the national voice for the children's hospice movement. Formed in 1998, it is a registered charity representing over 40 children's hospices across the UK. Their work is shaped by a philosophy which keeps children and their families at the heart of what it does, helping to ensure that all communities have access to the important services children's hospices provide.
Tacklesport (Consultancy) Ltd is making a donation to ACH for every CD-ROM sold.

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